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Initiating the perfect buying-back in poker

Poker is a very popular card game in which players place wagers – represented with coin stacks – in the hopes of coming up with the best hand and winning the pot.

The game has a simple objective and is extremely entertaining when playing at the best NJ online casino sites. However, it comes with a lot of delicate facets. For one, poker features many rules. One that comes in very handy is ‘buying back,’ and that’s precisely what this article will be taking a look at.

What is buying-back in a poker game?

Poker allows players to buy more chips when they hit rock bottom with their stack or when they are at a short stack level. This term is also commonly referred to as a rebuy.

What are the rules for buying-back?

The rules are quite different for a cash game and tournament. Below is the distinction between the two.

Buying-back in a cash game

In this scenario, players can rebuy in with more cash when the entire stack or most of it is exhausted. In most online casinos, you can activate this feature with the push of a button. For cash games, buying back is only possible when a player loses out of a hand.

There is usually a maximum buy-in and a table minimum. So the rebuy price would have to be within those borders.

Buying-back in a poker tournament

Different tournaments have unique rules. But generally, tournaments allow players to buy back in if they run out of chips or if the chip stack falls below a certain number.

Each tournament stipulates the number of times a player may be allowed to rebuy. It may be once;it could be an unlimited number of times. Some tournaments only offer a specific period for buying back. If you miss the opportunity to do so, there will be no coming back.

That said, note that rebuying when you run short of stacks will only bring you back to the starting chip stack.

Differences between buying-back and reentry

Buyingback involves getting more chips when your stack runs low or when you bust out. In the case of a Reentry, the player would have to get a new entry along with a new seat as if never part of the tournament.

The effect of buying-back

Firstly, Buying-back helps to build the prize pool of the tournament. So as players bust out and buy back in, the pot would increase. It also allows players to get back in the game and perhaps win back the lost amount or even more. To achieve this, you must have a rebuy strategy to support your playing style.


The Buying-back feature comes in very handy in poker. It helps keep players in the game for longer, thereby increasing the chances of landing a great hand. Nonetheless, it is essential to play responsibly, whether in a cash game or a tournament. If you’ve made heavy losses, buying back might be a bad idea unless it aligns with your playing strategy and budget.

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